Foundations of Responsible Research

Research excellence stands on the shoulders of giants.

As researchers and scholars at UBC, we have a duty to our peers and to ourselves to uphold the highest standards of scholarly integrity.

Throughout any research lifecycle, certain habits and practices will help you to uphold scholarly integrity, regardless of discipline. Some of these habits or practices include:

  • Maintaining detailed documentation
  • Understanding and mitigating personal biases
  • Staying current with available training and resources
  • Seeking or providing mentorship
  • Having awareness of career and funding pressures; and
  • Engaging in self reflection

Engaging in these practices is how we, as stewards of knowledge for the public good, can embody certain core values of the research enterprise:  objectivity, honesty, openness, accountability, fairness, and stewardship.

The following guides are designed to assist you to learn about the best practices of scholarly integrity so that you and your peers can apply them in today's research environment.




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