UBC's Scholarly Integrity Policy

As researchers and scholars, we have an obligation to act responsibly and ethically when conducting research.

Upholding the standards of our respective disciplines helps to foster trust and confidence in the university’s scholarly contribution to society.

The university’s Scholarly Integrity Policy clarifies the responsibilities and standards required of all UBC persons engaged in scholarly activity. All UBC persons are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the scholarly standards and practices that are generally accepted within their relevant scholarly field and following them honestly, accountably, openly and fairly.

UBC's Scholarly Integrity Policy

Furthermore, UBC’s Scholarly Integrity Policy outlines the procedures undertaken in support of the university’s responsibility to investigate allegations of scholarly misconduct and to report relevant allegations to the federal funding agencies in a timely manner.

As part of UBC’s institutional responsibility, anonymized summaries of all findings of scholarly misconduct, and related actions taken, are published annually.

Findings of scholarly misconduct at UBC