Discussion & Teaching Resources

The culture of integrity at UBC starts with each of us.

Asking questions and engaging in dialogue about the ethical dimensions of research conduct enable us to better understand research and scholarly practices, identify best practices, and contribute to a strong and diverse research culture that embraces integrity, collegiality and service.

We invite you to adapt these discussion and teaching resources to initiate conversations of scholarly integrity with your trainees, peers, colleagues, and collaborators.

Presentation Resources

Use these presentation modules as an opportunity to generate conversations around the responsible conduct of research, and adapt them to suit your discipline and unique context.

If you intend to use these resources, we appreciate your feedback after their use. Please provide your feedback using this survey.



Share your thoughts on the topics and resources you would like to see to support scholarly integrity at UBC.

Case Studies

Generate conversations on how to conduct research responsibly at UBC.

Engage colleagues in conversation about complex ethical issues in research and learn from each other by reviewing these case studies through individual or group discussion.

Case Studies